Build community with us

As we move into our 20th year at Samaritan House, we invite you to become involved with us in a very special way. We’re more than half way through a complete upgrade of our 100+ year old house. Already it is 100 times more energy efficient, clean and asbestos-free! We’ve spent our inheritance and remortgaged and we need a little more to get the job done.

We’re hard at work and plan to launch a fundraising drive very shortly. We’d be honoured if you would consider contributing to help get the walls up on the main floor! Stay tuned for our crowdfunding pitch or go to our Donate page now to pitch in.

More light – skylight in kitchen
Upstairs – bare bones

Still under construction

We posted this last summer. We’re getting close to moving back in but the project is not finished yet. Stay tuned!

Samaritan House is currently closed to offering hospitality. We’re undertaking major renovations that may take up to a year to complete.

After 17 years, Vikki & Sarah (and Roni, the dog) are taking a break, and will be asking for the hospitality of others for the first few months of the project.

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