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We are an inclusive community that welcomes everyone to stop and rest a while, socialize, learn, pray, and agitate with us.

We are self funded with a few dedicated annual supporters. When we’ve faced major capital costs like roof and furnace, we ask for additional support. After 19 years, we took the plunge to rehabilitate our 100+ year old house. Major capital costs!

Our goals were to have a finished basement at proper height with a second bathroom and proper bedrooms, reconfigure the kitchen and bathroom upstairs to be user friendly and wherever possible improve energy efficiency. Previously the only place that there was insulation in the house was the attic. Drafts and dust flowed freely through asbestos-laden lathe and plaster walls.

As with every building project, things change on the fly. We had not anticipated having to gut the entire upstairs of the house. That was a goal for another day, due to the expense of hazmat removal of the lathe and plaster and all the other additional work that goes with it. When the basement was complete and we were warm and snug in it, though without a kitchen, we learned that the City of Vancouver required us to remove all the interior walls upstairs and insulate it in order to complete the permitted work.

That definitely was not in our budget. With a lot of help from friends, family, and fellow travellers we have completed the construction phase of our massive renovation. What’s left? Exterior painting of the entire house and re-landscaping of the backyard.

Any monetary or in kind help you can offer is most welcome!

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If you prefer to send a cheque in one of the above amounts here’s what you need to know:

  • Make the cheque out to the Vancouver Catholic Worker
  • Send it to 1143 E Pender St. Vancouver BC V6A 1W6