Sixteenth Annual Advent Vigil for the Silenced

As long as there is an Advent — a period of being invited to prepare, to wait and watch — there is bound to be Vigils to assist.

Advent = coming or even arrival; for Christians, the coming or arrival of the Messiah or God’s anointed One.

Vigils = in silence or with some words and symbols or songs, waiting (and wanting to work) in hope for the Christ’s presence of peace with justice.

We vigil, here and now, in such a hope.

Amid the several crises we live in — the pandemic, the opioid overdoses, the climate, and not all, plain poverty and isolation — we bid you peace and justice.

Let it be.


16th Annual Vigil for the “Silenced” in Vancouver

Via an ecumenical cadre of would-be faithful ones.

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