Unsettling the Word – update

We’ve continued to do our book study over Facebook Live, with a couple of side trips. Here’s a round up of all the sessions since November 2020 with the links to the videos.

  • December 2020 – Give Us a King p. 65 – 1 Samuel 8:1-22 – Study Guide p. 19 – https://fb.watch/8y0t3QV4sr/
  • January 2021 – They Were all Captive p.95 – Esther 8:3-8, 11-17 – Study Guide p. 20 – https://fb.watch/8y0DFcPyi9/
  • February 2021 – You Alone Listened p. 114 – Psalm 147 – Study Guide p. 20 – https://fb.watch/8y0Ts480CO/
  • April 2021 – Lament on Coast Salish Land p. 133 – Jeremiah 20:7-18 – Study Guide p. 22 – https://fb.watch/8y0-r85dJA/
  • May 2021 – Resisting the Great Co-Mission p. 184 – Matthew 28:16-20 – Study Guide p. 23 – https://fb.watch/8y1cMDS6MO/
  • June 2021 – An Urgent Letter p. 203 – Luke 1:26-56 – Study Guide p. 24 – https://fb.watch/8y1vP9Xyql/
  • July 2021 – The International Law of Colonialism – Doctrine of the Discovery – Let’s educate ourselves more about what would an apology for colonialism really look like. Let’s learn about the Doctrine of Discovery – a systemic root of many evils. – https://fb.watch/8y1TvzbIH6/
  • August 2021 – Dancing with God p.242 – Philippians 2:1-11 – Study Guide p. 24 – https://fb.watch/8y2FwmBM2a/
  • September 2021 – Reconciliation discussion and report back with Daniel Pigeon – https://fb.watch/8y2Mwztp5O/
  • October 2021 – Totalizing p. 249 – Titus 1:5-6 – Study Guide p. 25 – a really interesting look at language and who’s voice we listen to – https://fb.watch/8y2Xq0oFRI/

Sixteenth Annual Advent Vigil for the Silenced

As long as there is an Advent — a period of being invited to prepare, to wait and watch — there is bound to be Vigils to assist.

Advent = coming or even arrival; for Christians, the coming or arrival of the Messiah or God’s anointed One.

Vigils = in silence or with some words and symbols or songs, waiting (and wanting to work) in hope for the Christ’s presence of peace with justice.

We vigil, here and now, in such a hope.

Amid the several crises we live in — the pandemic, the opioid overdoses, the climate, and not all, plain poverty and isolation — we bid you peace and justice.

Let it be.


16th Annual Vigil for the “Silenced” in Vancouver

Via an ecumenical cadre of would-be faithful ones.

For information: bkmorris60@yahoo.ca & vancouvercatholicworker@yahoo.ca


So busy, sorry to neglect you!

Hey all,

We’ve got a lot done now, almost done with the inside of the house, still bookcases to move and books to unpack. We also will want to re-patriate our freezer from our neighbour’s backyard soon. Anyone with a truck &/or a dolly? Here’s our amazing functioning kitchen! Anyone who knew the old one, well, there’s no comparison.

We’re getting a floor! Can you help us out?

Hi everyone, here’s an update from us. Vikki is home, recovering well from her surgeries, and getting ready for radiation treatment on her lung. She’s being a good patient, with a little help from her friends.

Meanwhile, we’ve made progress this spring on the upstairs of the house. We’re getting a floor next week! Check out the video – starring Roni.


In addition to the flooring, there’s a few more things to get done before we can use the upstairs again.
Can you help us make it happen? Your donations are so gratefully accepted, we’re hoping to raise another $10,000.

June Newsletter – help spread the word

We’re trying as many ways as possible to reach out and spread the word about our project so we can finish the upper floor. Here (linked below) is a simple 2 page newsletter about who we are, what we’re trying to accomplish, and how folks can help out.  Please check it out, share it, print it, leave it lying around at work… truly any help you can give is appreciated.

vcw June 2017 – newsletter file pdf

Always a need for a place of connection and sanctuary

We were out of our house for a whole year while the entire basement was being re-created. We were graciously housed by friends (Vikki in one place, Sarah with the dog and the cat in another) and are so grateful for their hospitality.

Moving back, into the basement while the upstairs waits to be finished, we were not alone. Immediately we were housing a dear friend who is dealing with immigration issues. After he moved on to a better situation we had to move all the remaining furniture and belongings that were stored upstairs down into the spare bedroom and any other empty space available. No more room at the inn!

We’ve had lots of requests and a few visitors.

We so want to get back to being able to say yes to people who need a place to stay. We’ve hosted some small gatherings for Advent reflection and are about to start a book study on Reconciliation with the Aboriginal peoples of this land. It will be so great to have our chapel/meeting space back and welcome our various communities and groups to our space.

Thanks to all who have pitched in to our fundraising so far. If you can, please share our story far and wide so that we can finish the house and get back to unrestricted radical hospitality!

Build community with us

As we move into our 20th year at Samaritan House, we invite you to become involved with us in a very special way. We’re more than half way through a complete upgrade of our 100+ year old house. Already it is 100 times more energy efficient, clean and asbestos-free! We’ve spent our inheritance and remortgaged and we need a little more to get the job done.

We’re hard at work and plan to launch a fundraising drive very shortly. We’d be honoured if you would consider contributing to help get the walls up on the main floor! Stay tuned for our crowdfunding pitch or go to our Donate page now to pitch in.

More light – skylight in kitchen

Upstairs – bare bones